Friday, August 10, 2012

Keeping cool with toddlers

We've been keeping cool around here the past month!
A little list for keeping cool this Summer with little ones:
  • Water, water, water! Turn on the hose, go to the beach, find a mountain river, swim in a pool, go to a water park, find a splash pad. Just find it and watch your kids get happy!
  • Keep under the shade. There is nothing like a light summer breeze while sitting under the shade of a tree. Pack a light snack and play with your kids in the grass while the day cools down.
  • Find a child proof squirt bottle and let your little one squirt away. This is great for a hot stroller ride or getting in a hot car.
  • Make a mini ocean or science experiment. Our son loves to fill up bowls with shells and toss in his ocean animal. Click here to read about the rain activity - The cup has shaving cream, water and dye to represent how rain falls from clouds.
  • Fill up a large buckets of water & toss in food from your garden. I don't know why, but my son loves this activity. Plus, it gets that 1st layer of dirt off.
  • Drink lots of water and especially make sure your kids do too!
So most of these are obvious, but I like little lists to remind me of little activities
How are you keeping cool this summer? I will keep updating my list to add more ideas or some of your ideas!!

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