Thursday, June 9, 2011

School Time

Heading back to school in September. Need to finish getting my BA in Studio Arts. Two classes left and one will be based on drawing cadavers. I suppose Leonardo Da Vinci would be proud since he spent his time doing such things. I took an anatomy class once. I didn't finish but spent the last class that I was there gagging in the bathroom - after they brought in some 20 bagged cadaver cats for dissecting. Anyway, to study for the first exam I found it so odd that we could check out a box of human bones from the school library. How would you feel about donating your body to science only to be put into a cardboard box and placed on a shelf in the library? I'm almost 95% sure they were real, but have no intention of ever going back to find out. Now, I know why library's feel creepy sometimes.
Leondardo's sketches
Jewelery design is the other class I will be taking. If I can just learn how to melt, pour, combine metals and maybe add glass in the mix I will be happy. If I have to pick up beads from Michaels, and spend my time stringing them, then I will be convinced that my student debt was all in vain.

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