Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oil painting and children

I stopped painting in oils and handling toxic materials when I became pregnant, about 2 and a quarter years back (technical I know). I have finally reached my breaking point though, because I love oils and that icky smell that comes along with, well I love that too. Why do watercolors have to be so perfect for stay at home moms and oils have to be the opposite? Are there non-toxic oil paints? If they exist, I can't imagine they would be any good. For now, the only solution is that someone (my husband) will give me a little time to myself so I can paint to my hearts content. Until then, I will keep using watercolors, pen and pencil to keep my home safe for my baby, but oils, charcoal, conte crayon and all the messy stuff is what calls my name!

Cropped from an oil painting I did back in 2009 - see the texture and richness

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